Am I having a dental emergency?
During this unprecedented time, you are hearing that dental offices cannot see you for “non-emergent” dental care. Although routine dental cleanings are important, and being seen for restorative dental work is also important, we need to do our part to flatten the curve and stay home. Slowing transmission of this virus is more important than routine dentistry at this immediate time. So, what makes dental care an emergency? The MN Board of Dentistry defines a dental emergency as follows: An emergent dental procedure would include those that relieve pain and infection, restore function (eg. fractured tooth), or are trauma related.

Here is a general symptom list our office has compiled to determine if it constitutes a dental emergency:
• Are you having severe pain?
• Have you been struck in the mouth? If yes, is your tooth knocked loose or knocked out of mouth?
• Do you have swelling in the mouth, facial area, or down into the neck?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you should contact our office immediately. Please try to get in touch with Dr. Pooley prior to visiting the emergency room during this time. By visiting an emergency room, you are risking unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. Visit the emergency room as a last resort.

Ultimately, Dr. Pooley has the best clinical judgement since he knows your dental history, possible systemic conditions, and if postponing will cause serious risk to your oral health. For this reason, if you are still questions whether or not to be seen, we encourage you to call or email our office and leave a message with your concern. Tele-dentistry may be an option, so taking a photo of the area of concern and texting it to Dr. Pooley could be helpful. One of our team members, or Dr. Pooley will get back to you to address your concern.
When we are back to seeing patients as normal, you are free to contact our office to reschedule your dental appointments. We may be contacting you to schedule, especially if you have requested that we do so. We value each of you as our patient, stay well, and hope to see you soon.