Congratulations!! You are going to have a baby! Now what?!

Things to remember about your dental health and the developmental health of your baby’s teeth during pregnancy:

For mom:

Keep your teeth clean by brushing 2 times per day, flossing daily, and keep your regular dental checkup appointments unless you are too uncomfortable to do so. You may notice your gums are more tender and bleed more easily during your pregnancy and while nursing, if you choose to do so, this is normal. If you are concerned with anything happening in your mouth during pregnancy do not hesitate to call us and we can get you in to take a look.

For baby:

The proper development of your baby’s teeth depends on mom ingesting the right amount of fluoride during pregnancy. City water is regulated to have the optimal level of fluoride, and you can ingest it by drinking and cooking with it. If you would prefer to filter your tap water the “Pur” water pitcher filters the water without removing fluoride. If you drink water out of the refrigerator dispenser you can look up your refrigerator filter online to see if it retains the fluoride. There is also the option to buy gallon jugs of “Baby Water” or “Nursery Water” at the grocery store, which contains the right amount of fluoride as well.

Baby after birth up to 14 years old:

Your baby will receive minimal amounts fluoride by nursing (as long as you are consuming fluoridated water) or by mixing formula with fluoridated water. Up to the age of 14 years old the baby teeth and adult teeth are developing and your child should get the same fluoridated water that you do through drinking and eating.
Long story short- it’s easy to get the right amount of fluoride in your water as long as it is city regulated water and you are not filtering it out with any type of filtration system. Although fluoride for the development of your baby’s teeth and the health of your own is important, so is good oral health care such as brushing and flossing, drinking water versus flavored or sugary drinks between meals, and seeing your dentist regularly. River Valley Dental can support you through your pregnancy and long after.

Written By: TLG